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Freelancers Growing in the Small Business Sector

A freelancer is someone who offers services or goods for a fee, and generally works independently without the expectation of establishing a long term relationship with the buyer of their services, or an employer. Interactions with freelancers are usually for one off services.

Freelancing is becoming more common and is a growing sector of the small business community in Australia. This is largely coming from home offices and home businesses where people are electing to establish small business where they can remain independent while earning an income. However, if you are a freelancer, remember and that is you are still effectively a small business and will need to comply with the law. and this is more than simply taxation requirements. If you are thinking of starting your own business, being a freelancer is one option for you.

What do Freelancers do?

Just about any job can be done by a freelancer, but the most common types of freelancers include:

  • Writers
  • CV writer
  • Internet marketer
  • Desktop publisher
  • Bookkeeper
  • Personal administration / secretarial services
  • Undertaking surveys
  • Undertaking research
  • Cold calling
  • Web publishing
  • Website development
  • Testing, etc

Getting Started

The key is being able to promote yourself and your services so that your customers can find you and see what you have to offer. The following would be considered your essential tool kit to working successfully as a freelancer:

  • Advertising – list yourself in free and paid advertising space;
  • Set up a web page, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts;
  • Establish a dedicated phone line so you can distinguish work and personal calls;
  • Get business cards and start networking;
  • Establish some form of business address. The most common is a PO Box address as it is not recommended that you have your home address as your postal address, especially if you don't want "drop-ins";
  • Prepare samples of your work / services and / or a portfolio if necessary;
  • Get references, testimonials and recommendations from your clients; have these available to offer to potential customers, but publish them on your website as a minimum.

How Can I Get Freelance Work?

This will largely depend on the nature of the freelance work you have on offer but there are many places you can look. This website provides a free advertising facility, a more feature rich paid facility, chat features and integration with social media networks so you can maximise your exposure. Our service also allows you to network and align yourself to other service providers on the HirePulse directory.

Benefits of Being a Freelancer

Apart from the obvious, one of having the flexibility to work when you want to work, freelancing also allows you to establish a business of choice (where your passion lies) on a part-time basis, especially if you have the ability to cash-flow it from the 'day job' that you are trying to retire from. However, get good commercial / accounting and basic business advice to understand your legal and financial obligations and commitments.

Freelancers offer employers and customers the opportunity to substitute and / or assist in their established work, especially in peak times or for specialised assignments.

Save Time

  • Easy to use, flexible service
  • Get requests direct from clients
  • Sync with your social networks

Save Money

  • Completely free membership
  • No obligation to upgrade
  • Harness social network advertising

Get Work

  • High visibility website
  • Chat online with clients
  • Let the work find you!

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