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Free Business Directory Services

Online business directories and search engines are now commonly used by people to search for information, services and goods. With business directories, social media and web advertising are becoming the most common form of advertising for businesses of all sizes. There are now a plethora of free business directory service providers. These are sites where logical directories are created and allow the person searching to more easily find details regarding the services and products they are interested in. This saves time and effort as the information is easy to locate and search. On the other side of the coin it provides service providers, contractors, freelancers, and micro / small business owners a way to advertise their goods and services and to link this information back to their website, if they have one.

Using online marketing and advertising is relatively easy and convenient. Advertisers can select from a number of free business directory services. Ideally, the site and free business directory will fit the corporate image the business is wishing to market. This option of advertising offers flexibility and economic benefits for the business. There are many differences between the free business directory service providers, with some only allowing a very limited amount of information and others allowing logo, company material, images and flexible text and team members to be shown (such as this one). More recent and successful sites have used smart technology to include on-line chat features, easy to use connections with social medium such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter; again, HirePulse offers all of this functionality.

Maximise Your SEO and OSO With Free Business Directory Listings

SEO or search engine optimisation is about the quality of the site and site optimisation. What does this mean in simple terms? Basically, when designing a web site one of the key success factors is making sure that search engines can find and index pages easily. If the web page does this successfully it will rank higher in search results or in fact be the first result on the page. Keywords form the foundation of this as they are words that people commonly search for. For example, put in ‘free business directory' and the search will return listings for free business directory sites.

SEO is about:

  1. Using the keywords that you're trying to target throughout the content on your site.
  2. Positioning keywords in the right place, including meta information within the page (these are HTML tags that identify the content of a web page for the search engines).
  3. Using the rules (these change from time to time) put in place by search engines to give their customers relevant results of a search; and
  4. Getting a high rank on a search engine with an aim that the business customer of the SEO specialist will be found by millions of people and therefore get sales from the site.

OSO or off site optimisation is just as important as it is also a factor that search engines use to rank websites. OSO is about building incoming links which add value for your site.

When a potential customer views your site from the linking site, you are likely to increase the visits to your site, as people using the linking site will click through to your site. Sounds simple, but make sure you have an off-site strategy when creating your links as not all of them will work for you. Getting more people to your site is a good place to start and using free business directories can assist you in achieving this.

Additionally, one of the most important factors to improving your website ranking (because of search engine algorithms) is to get lots of good quality external links (or back links) to your site. This is largely done by inserting you site's link in other web pages, blogs, and free business directories, etc. Registering on a free service business directory does not necessarily mean that this will work effectively for you, as you must choose what the search engines call ‘authorative portals" or "authorative sites". These are sites that cover the same subject matter as your website, and care should be taken when creating links to make sure that the website you are linked from contains some of the same top keywords as your site.

Benefits of using a free business directory

Linking is only one of the factors that search engines use to determine a particular page ranking, but establishing listings can do wonders for your off site optimisation. When you decide to create a free advertising listing in a free business directory you will increase your internet presence, traffic and ranking within search engines.

In addition to the above benefits, depending on the directory structure, your free listing will help you in the following wayss:

  • Generate more leads for your business by creating your advertisement with relatively easy to use editing tools and advertisement creation capability on the free business directory site;
  • These sites can include a "contact us" capability for you without identifying your email address (avoids your risk of being a spam target);
  • This method of advertising is convenient and quick to use. It usually takes a small amount of time to set up and will generally offer you some flexibility to modify, change and update your business information;
  • Help you improve your internet search ranking position as compared to your competitors;
  • Achieve some ranking and visibility on other pages within the directory (for example on this site you will see your logo appear under featured advertisers);
  • Social networking capability – most will have some form of synchronisation with social networks to link back to your Facebook / Twitter /LinkedIn accounts;
  • On-line chats with your customers;
  • Channel requests direct from potential customers;
  • Form a business community within the listing network (HirePulse offers the ability to create affiliations between your business and others on the site);
  • Link to community websites, blogs etc;
  • Benefit from links and advertising on Facebook and Twitter;
  • Provide the opportunity to link back to your website; and
  • This method is SPAM free but reaches a much larger potential customer base.

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