Bluesky Coaching Sydney


Bluesky Coaching Sydney is a financial and life coaching practice whose vision is to assist others to reach their full potential. Whether it be short, medium or long-term goals, Bluesky Coaching Sydney can help you break past those barriers that seem to prevent you from achieving your goals.

Bluesky Coaching Sydney specialises in getting out of debt, teaching you to manage your money – regardless of how much you have, changing ‘bad spending habits’ to ‘good saving habits’, securing a great financial future – and getting out of the rat-race early!

To be truly successful and satisfied you need to have balance in all areas of your life. Because money isn’t just a dollar figure, money equates to choice, Bluesky Coaching Sydney also offers life coaching. Do you know what you will do, what your life will be like when you have the choice? Here at Bluesky Coaching Sydney, we will help you figure out what you want and how to get it!

How can Bluesky Coaching Sydney help you get there? Because founder and coach, Kristina Plimer, has.

In just over ten years, Kristina has gone from owing over $30k to a bank at 19% interest with little to no idea about how to properly manage her finances, to being well on track to an early retirement and securing financial freedom. And now, Kristina has achieved that elusive goal of not only true work/life balance, but life/life balance! 



Life and Financial Coaching
Skills: NLP
Industries: Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services