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Operational Turnaround: Strategies and Actions

If you have read the article on Is your business struggling and do you need help to transform it you will appreciate that turn-around strategies are vital for a struggling business. If you have not managed a struggling business before or this is your first business this article will give you some general insight to what actions and strategies you can consider. Broadly speaking, these can fall into three categories.

  1. Financial turnaround strategies and actions;
  2. Operational turnaround strategies and actions; and
  3. Re-structuring strategies and actions.

Maximising Your Sales in 2014

If you are going to work hard at sales, the key is to make sales and the question then is how? Research shows that that there are some key habits that your customers really love to see when you sell to them:

  • You understand their needs.
  • You provide overall value to them.
  • You included me and listened to what I had to say.
  • You helped me and pointed out both the positives and the pitfalls with my choices.
  • You gave me options and new perspectives
  • You were willing to persuade me some of the time but not all of the time.
  • You spoke the truth and told me how the sale and delivery would work.
  • You provided me with solutions.

Importing as a Way to Expand Your Business

This can be a great opportunity for you to increase your sales offering and expand your business, if you get it right (which is the tricky bit). Here are some tips to help.


Are Your Customers Hooked On You?

You know you have happy customers when they are raving about you to their friends. Do you have this effect on your customers? If not, then step back and assess how you can take your customer service to a whole new level.


Do You Ask Your Customers Why and What?

According to Grant Carodone, (international sales expert) there is one word that is missed by nearly all sales people. Can you guess what the word is? Simply, why?

This one word will uncover your potential client's motives for even considering you. If you understand what this motive is, you are nearly always likely to make the sale. In my business I call it "understanding your client needs". It is important to remember that your customers only buy products or services because they have a need, so uncovering their need or motivation (the why) is critical to your sales success.