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Five Tips for Fitness for the Small Business Owner

I'm a strong believer in exercise being a positive and rewarding addition to your weekly routine however, as a small business owner you might be thinking how could I possibly add more to my already busy schedule?

We all know that the benefits of adding an exercise program to your day is great and is widely documented to enhance your businesses productivity and your personal well-being. Health and wellness programs implemented for staff in big businesses has produced significant savings which arise from less sick days and a more productive and happy workforce. As a business owner there is no reason why you can’t reap the same rewards health and fitness programs offer.


By Andrew Eloury, Personal Trainer at Executive Fitness Consultants on 29 July, 2014

Make Innovation Part of Your Day

Innovation is something every business owner needs to incorporate into their business to continue to improve and grow. How is this done and how can you make it a regular event in your business?

Arguably, if we achieve innovation we can continuously improve the way we operate our businesses and this should deliver a better bottom line. However, although Innovation needs to be part of the corporate culture, this takes effort and nurturing and is not that easy. This means willingness to allow experimentation and flexibility at all staff levels, so that different ideas, processes and thoughts can be explored. If you implement innovation successfully into the business and workplace culture, innovation will lead to better decision making, increased employee engagement and best of all, insights about the way the business and its people operate. Ultimately, this understanding will open up opportunities.


By Cary Rossetti, Managing Director at HirePulse on 22 May, 2014

Become More Productive With Your Time

Most of us would say we are starved of time, or that we have to juggle competing priorities and live in a society where we are available 24/7. What if you could reorganise yourself and spend more time doing the things you want to do without making the sacrifices? There may be a way to do this, so read more.


By Cary Rossetti, Managing Director at HirePulse on 22 May, 2014

Do You Take Charge... Like a Boss?

Many small business owners say the best and worst thing about the job and being a soloist.....is being in charge. So why the lack of confidence? Here are a few tips for taking charge like a boss.


By Tamara Ratnayake, Public Relations Officer at HirePulse Pty Ltd on 02 February, 2014

Do You Regularly Sharpen the Saw?

If you have ever read or studied the Steven Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, habit 7 is commonly known as "Sharpen the Saw". Covey uses the analogy of a woodcutter who is sawing for several days straight and as a consequence becomes less and less productive as the blade is dulled and the woodcutter becomes more fatigued. Covey's solution is to sharpen the saw from time to time to remain effective. Covey suggests that by renewing the four dimensions of your nature, you can work more quickly, effectively and effortlessly.


By Cary Rossetti, Managing Director at HirePulse on 15 January, 2014

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