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Managing Your Stress Levels

Running a business of any size is not all smooth sailing and is well known as a major factor behind personal stress and worry. Research shows that many business entrepreneurs are kept up at night worrying about such things as from how to generate sales, cash-flow, how to get a better return on investment, etc. This said, according to David Mielach when he wrote What Keeps Small Business Owners Up At Night, nearly half the people surveyed said they were doing better than they expected at the start of the year, whilst 38% said they were performing as expected. However, these sentiments or statistics may not stop you waking up at night in a cold sweat worrying about your family's future.


SADS - Are You Suffering from the Winter Blues?

Now that summer in Australia is over we have long, dark autumn and winter days ahead. Moods will be changing and many people will be staying inside longer, exercising and staying outside less.

Not to be confused with mental illness, Seasonal Affective Disorder, or "SAD", is a type of depression that affects a person during the same season each year. According to WedMD, experts are not sure what causes SAD, but they think it may be caused by a lack of sunlight. Lack of light may upset the sleep-wake cycle and other day-to-day rhythms. And it may cause problems with the happy brain chemical "serotonin" that affects mood.


Managing Mental Illness in the Workplace

According to research approximately 45% of adult Australians will experience mental illness at some stage of their life. This equates to one in five that will experience a mental disorder in any 12 month period (ABS National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing of Australians: Summary Results). Mental Illness has the 3rd highest ranking in Australia in terms of diseases affecting our population, followed closely by cancer and cardiovascular disease.