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Do You Have a Social Media Strategy?

Congratulations if you have one as this is the first place to start in developing an effective social media campaign. If you don't, but are trying to develop one that will ensure your social media is successful, then this article will help you. There are a number of steps you need to take to get there.


Promote Your Business With Google+

First of all, what is Google+? According to Martin Shervington who runs his own successful marketing business in the UK and the USA "Google+ is something different". For business, Google+ helps you attract new customers and to improve your relationships with existing ones by making it easier to connect with people who search on Google. When taken as part of the total Google offering, it provides a far reaching social network that helps your Google search engine rankings if you have a Google+ account. This is probably because Google are the king of "search". They have all the data to know what people are looking for, how they look and what results they like, which ultimately gives you market trends. Google+ brings people together through three simple tools (1) circles (similar to twitter lists); (2) communities (similar to Facebook Groups); and (3) hangouts or chatrooms with Skype calling capability.


Are Your Customers Hooked On You?

You know you have happy customers when they are raving about you to their friends. Do you have this effect on your customers? If not, then step back and assess how you can take your customer service to a whole new level.


DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!... Do Your Prospecting Emails Even Get Read?

In business, time is money. This is often the reason it is hard to get a meeting accepted by your prospects or future clients, as they are generally too busy to even read your email. Have you found that when you send an email requesting a meeting, you never hear back? If your answer is yes, this is likely to be because busy people sit with their finger poised on the delete button. According to ExacTarget, people take 2.7 seconds to decide whether to read or delete or forward your email.

The good news is there are ways to get your emails read and replied to. The key points are reciprocation, how you draft your email, how long it is, how clear it is, and even what you say in the subject matter.


Turning Your Customer Leads Into Dollars

Sometimes it is the simplest things we do that make all the difference! Why is it then we tend to make things difficult for ourselves without even meaning to. Good question, simply answered - we don't realise this is what we have done. The old adage ‘keep it simple stupid' really counts when it comes to turning your customer leads into cash. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind on the way you communicate online.