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Promote Your Business With Google+

First of all, what is Google+? According to Martin Shervington who runs his own successful marketing business in the UK and the USA "Google+ is something different". For business, Google+ helps you attract new customers and to improve your relationships with existing ones by making it easier to connect with people who search on Google. When taken as part of the total Google offering, it provides a far reaching social network that helps your Google search engine rankings if you have a Google+ account. This is probably because Google are the king of "search". They have all the data to know what people are looking for, how they look and what results they like, which ultimately gives you market trends. Google+ brings people together through three simple tools (1) circles (similar to twitter lists); (2) communities (similar to Facebook Groups); and (3) hangouts or chatrooms with Skype calling capability.


Why Did Google Really Buy Motorola?

Yesterday Google announced that they have purchased Motorola Mobility, one of the world's leading mobile device manufacturers, for a total of US$12.5 billion. Google has essentially purchased a 30% share of the Android mobile hardware market, a huge move in itself. At a time when competition between mobile phone manufacturers is at its most intense in years, why would a predominantly software focussed company choose to enter this volatile market? The real reason is anyone's guess and it's unlikely that we'll ever know the real answer. However, there are several factors that could give Google a huge advantage against its biggest competitors, especially Apple.


The Best Business Apps For Your Android Tablet

OK, so you've bought your tablet and all the accessories you'll need to make using it for business easier. Now, you need to set up the tablet itself with all the apps and configuration necessary to get you going. Any tablet you choose will give you access to app stores; that makes knowing where to go to get software really easy. However, one of the downsides of app stores is that there's too much choice.. Finding the best apps and the ones you really need amongst the rest can be a real challenge. After a few months of using my tablet, here are the things I use my tablet for the most and the apps I use to do them.


Choosing the Right Tablet Computer for Your Business

Once you've decided to get a tablet for your business, it's important that you choose the right one. Although tablets generally come with one of two operating systems (Apple's iOS or Google's Android), there are many different hardware models from different manufacturers, each with features that make them suited to a particular purpose. If you plan to use your tablet for any kind of business use, it's also a good idea to pick up a couple of accessories that will make your life easier.


Why You Need a Tablet Computer for Your Business

Tablet computers have become one of the most highly desired electronic devices on the market in the past couple of years. Sales of both Apple's iPad and various Android tablets continue to increase at a dramatic rate. In fact, Apple recently announced that they sold a record 9.25 million iPads in Q3 2011 alone. While tablets are primarily focussed on (and being adopted by) the consumer market, more and more business users are discovering ways in which these devices can be used to increase their productivity and efficiency. I've been using an Android tablet for several months now so I decided to compile my thoughts on the biggest advantages of tablets for business use.