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Making Online Advertising Work for Your Business

We all know that the internet has become a major medium for advertising, especially free business advertising, and it is predicted that this medium will outstrip traditional mediums such as radio, magazines, newspapers and television.

Of interest is that research carried out in the UK (Value Click and IAB) shows that a person's relationship with the internet will largely depend on the age at which they first started using it. Trends indicate that younger audiences (those growing up with online media) are more open to digital / online advertising and are therefore more likely to turn to this medium when looking for products, goods and services, as compared to older generations.


Digital Advertising on the Way Up

According to a number of sources, with almost 7 in 10 businesses electing to have an online presence, it is critical that you are not left behind by your competitors. Equally important is keeping any online material up to date both in terms of content and technology.

According to the latest report published last week by Price Waterhouse Coopers commissioned by the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau based in New York), digital advertising in the US (driven by growth in the display sectors) surged by 22% in 2011, now reaching a record $31billion. This is well over what were record being numbers in 2010. More significant is the fact that the last quarter increased by 15% on its own, growing by $9billion. Australia is likely to increase in growth and following this trend based on increases in the US in 2010/2011.