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Does Your Business Have a Parental Leave Policy?

Parental leave allows your employees to take time away from work for the birth or adoption of a child and covers a number of legal entitlements or obligations. The positive impact of extended or extra leave entitlements is well documented and recognised. As a small business owner is this something you have considered?


By Cary Rossetti, Managing Director at HirePulse on 12 March, 2014

What Will the Fair Work Amendment Bill Mean for Your Business?

If you are still grappling with what the Fair Work Act 2009 means for your business, don't feel alone. Chances are you are one of many small businesses that do. The good news is that there are some key obligations you need to be aware of and the Fair Work Ombudsman produces some great best practice guides that provide plain English explanations about your obligations.


By Cary Rossetti, Managing Director at HirePulse on 12 March, 2014

Is Your Business Struggling?

So your business may be struggling and you want to turn it around but you just don't know. You might surprise yourself to learn that there are a few 'rules' to follow and when followed you will see improvement and ideally step changes in the right direction. Some of these rules stem from lessons learned by businesses that have made mistakes and others from operating a business best practice or continuous improvement program. Whilst this may sound like advice for big business it can equally apply to small business. In fact, if you run a small business you should be able to adapt quickly and modify your practices quickly if the returns are not realised.


By Cary Rossetti, Managing Director at HirePulse on 11 March, 2014

Operational Turnaround: Strategies and Actions

If you have read the article on Is your business struggling and do you need help to transform it you will appreciate that turn-around strategies are vital for a struggling business. If you have not managed a struggling business before or this is your first business this article will give you some general insight to what actions and strategies you can consider. Broadly speaking, these can fall into three categories.

  1. Financial turnaround strategies and actions;
  2. Operational turnaround strategies and actions; and
  3. Re-structuring strategies and actions.

By Cary Rossetti, Managing Director at HirePulse on 10 March, 2014

Wellness Programs for Small Business

Every business owner, whether big or small, wants a healthy workforce. That desire may be born from the simple joy of wishing others well but, as business owners, that desire is well supported by at least a measure of good business sense. Healthy employees are at work more often, cost you less in unproductive time; they generally concentrate better, contribute more and achieve more when they are there. This of course also applies to single operators who work alone and are well known to be prone to neglecting their own wellbeing.


By Danie Richter, Environmental Consultant at Platinum Matrix Pty Ltd on 19 February, 2014

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